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Park Cell is a completely new product, designed to provide a sustainable, engineered solution to car parking where cost sensitivities and the free drainage of water are a fundamental requirement.  Park Cell works by spreading vehicle weight laterally through interlocking cells, minimising downward pressure on to the sub-base.  Its unique properties allow it to be installed over un-prepared grouns, soil and grass etc  and still maintain a loading capacity of 6 tonnes per m2.*  With initial ground preparation and site leveling, the loading capacity of Park Cell can be increased to 20+ tonnes.  Park Cell offers the following additional benefits:*

  • Free draining – Conforms to Sustainable Urban Drainage requirements.  No need for the installation of land drainage or interception tanks.
  • Cost effective – Park Cell is significantly cheaper than alternative car parking solutions, for instance a full ParkCell install including materials is approximately 60% cheaper than an equivalent tarmac installation and 30% cheaper than a Geogrid solution.
  • Clean and attractive finish – No dirt transferred into vehicles in adverse weather conditions.  A uniform  and attractive finish.
  • Long life – Park Cell is a ‘fix and forget’ product, requiring very little maintenance once installed.  Its ground stabilising properties will last for the life-time of your project.
  • 6 tonne per m2 vehicle loading, all day every day.    Solutions for vehicle weight up to 30 tonnes are available.
  • Environmentally sound – Park Cell does not compromise tree roots or the growth of nearby vegetation.  Park Cell is inert and does not affect the water table.  Park Cell can be removed easily if required.
  • Beats the competition – ParkCell is the only Cellular Confinement System which meets all requirements for optimal vehicle parking.
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* The ParkCell system is entirely dependent on the quality of the stone used to fill each cell and requires a 20-32mm angular stone with no fines and high resistance to compression, e.g. granite or other igneous alternative.  Your structural engineer will be able to specify a suitable stone for vehicle loading purposes.