Temporary car parks

ParkCell has been specifically designed to provide a solution to the need for cost-effective vehicle parking, particularly for over-flow parking, vehicle storage or in instances where the need for a wearing course, such as tarmac, is less obvious.  ParkCell is designed to be a low maintenance, attractive and cost-effective solution to vehicle parking.

A car park installation using ParkCell is approximately 70% cheaper than tarmac and 40% cheaper than a Geogrid and aggregate solution.  At the same time, ParkCell is the environmentally sensitive choice.  This is because:*

ParkCell is free-draining and requires less aggregate
ParkCell cost effective parking
  • ParkCell is free-draining and conforms to Sustainable Urban Drainage System requirements (SUDS).  Installing a car park using ParkCell avoids the underlying cost of drainage.
  • ParkCell significantly reduces the depth of stone required for car park construction.  A proposed 200mm deep hard-standing area can be reduced to 100mm using ParkCell, saving 100% aggregate costs.

ParkCell is usually installed using an underlying Oil Separation Barrier (OSB), which absorbs accidentally spilt oil and prevents it from entering the water-table.  At the same time, the OSB allows free drainage of rain or flood water, ensuring that ParkCell has no impact on nearby vegetation or watercourses.

Not all Cellular Confinement Systems are equal and only ParkCell provides an effective solution to car and vehicle parking.

* The ParkCell system is entirely dependent on the quality of the stone used to fill each cell and requires a 20-32mm angular stone with no fines and high resistance to compression, e.g. granite or other igneous alternative.  Your structural engineer will be able to specify a suitable stone for vehicle loading purposes.