Cost analysis

ParkCell offers a cost-effective solution to the construction of car parking and hard-standing areas.  The most important element in car park creation is the aggregate which bears vehicle load and ParkCell works by containing the aggregate to stop it spreading and moving.  For ParkCell to work effectively it requires a clean, washed aggregate which conforms to Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) requirements.  The aggregate must be angular to ensure the individual stones lock together and the stone must have high compressive strength to resist damage following repeated vehicle movement.  We recommend a stone similar to Breedon road stone quarried at Leaton (

ParkCell can avoid the cost of drain installation and associated costs because it creates an effective, above-ground rainwater catchment reservoir, allowing the water to percolate into the sub-grade over time.   At a depth of 100mm, ParkCell will retain a similar depth of rainwater within the voids between the stone, resulting in significant cost-savings in water attenuation.

ParkCell is designed to significantly reduce the depth of stone required for car park construction resulting in proportional cost savings.  The ParkCell product is supported by extensive research within the field of geocellular confinement systems which were originally designed by the US Department of Defence to facilitate the movement of tanks over sand during the Iraq War.    ParkCell can be used to reduce a 200mm deep hard-standing area to 100mm, saving 100% of the aggregate requirement.  This provides significant cost savings.




Greenhous Village: Phase 1 complete

We are happy to announce that we have completed Phase 1 of the installation of Park Cell at Greehous Village, High Ercall, TF6 6RB. This has required us to install over 3Ha of Park Cell using a 14-20mm washed, angular stone at short notice. Our installation currently allows Greenhous to park 4,000 cars.